Saturday, March 2, 2013

Piglet is Demanding

Piglet is smarter than I ever hope to be. In last week's post I shared about how she has figured out light switches and how to be comfortable and warm at the same time.

This week, Piglet continues to prove that she is the smartest member of this household.

We just got a new couch in the city house. It is a really nice brown microfiber sofa that we find quite comfortable. In ever living room we've ever had there has been a blanket available for Piglet. However, when not in use we don't like to have it out. So, when there is no cat in the blanket we put it in one of those ottoman cubes that we have. We own two of them and use them for foot stools and a coffee table while lounging on the sofa.

Piglet not only knows that the blanket is in one of the cubes - she knows WHICH cube. Often, when one of us is on the sofa Piglet will jump up on to the cube containing the blanket and paw at the edge where it opens to ask us to get it for her. When you ask her what she wants she will meow. Then once the blanket is removed she expects the humans to help her get under it.

The other day Matt and I were both in the office. I heard meowing from another part of the house so went to investigate. Piglet will often tell us when something is wrong. I found her sitting on a cube in the living room. I asked her what she wanted and she meowed again. I checked her all over to make sure she wasn't injured or sick but I was way too dense to get it at first. I kept asking her what was going on and she just stood on the cube and meowed.

Then I realized what cube she was standing on.

I moved the cat, removed the blanket, and offered it to her on the sofa. She curled right up and stayed there the rest of the afternoon.

Close up of a Pig in a Blanket

The long view

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