Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chilly Days

It has been pretty cold in Asheville lately. It is February, after all. But here in the southern Appalachian Mountains the weather will be warming up before we know it. The daffodils are already peaking up out of the ground.

But as you have already seen, Piglet is not a cat who tolerates the cold.

Piglet doesn't go outside very often, especially in this weather, but when she needs to she is prepared. This is mostly thanks to my sister who is just about as crazy as I am. My sister knitted Piglet a scarf.

There is a little bit of glare at the top; but this is an old scrapbook page featuring Piglet's adorable yellow scarf. It is paired here with a hunter green kitty sweatshirt that I made for her.

By the way, it is really easy to make a sweatshirt for a sphynx cat. Use the sleeve of an old sweatshirt. Cut it about the length of the cat. Cut a half oval out at bottom of the back end for their back legs. Then cut two small arm holes near the cuff of the sleeve for their front legs. VEE-ola, instant sweatshirt. In case you ever find yourself needing to make one for your cat, hairless or not. You could even do that for a very small dog.

The scarf, on the other hand, requires actually knitting skills which I do not possess.

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