Saturday, December 22, 2012

Piglet Goes to Mt. Mitchell

In 2004 we took Piglet on our very first trip to the Asheville area. We had heard a lot about it from friends in Atlanta and we wanted to drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the fall leaves. So one chilly October day we put Piglet in a sweater and drove up to North Carolina.

It was slightly overcast, but that didn't stop us. We pulled off at several scenic overlooks along the way. Because it was Fall, the parkway was busy and several people stopped to ask us what kind of dog Piglet was.

Here are Matt and Piglet at one of the scenic overlooks.

Like a child, Piglet slept in the car for much of the drive.

She missed these fantastic fall colors.

Then we arrived at Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak in the Eastern United States. This trip took place just a year and a could months after we moved to Atlanta. It was long before we decided to build a tiny house in these very mountains. Also, at that time there was an old overlook at the top of Mt. Mitchel that has been constructed under Roosevelt's New Deal and the Public Works Administration. Since that time, a new overlook has been built. We really loved this old structure, though. 

Piglet "loved" it, too. 

Here is one of the views from the top of the overlook.

There was a little trail circumnavigating the peak of Mt. Mitchel. It is just a short hike so we took Piglet for a walk. Well, we took her for a "carry."

Here are Matt and Piglet enjoying the hike.

And after all that hiking, Piglet slept soundly on the way back.

We stayed in a hotel near the Asheville area that night. Because of Piglet we didn't really have a chance to explore the city, but we did drive through and knew instantly that we needed to be back there. And the rest is, as they say, history. This was the first of many trips to Asheville and then the dream of building our tiny house was born.


  1. Hi Piglet! It's so cool that you get to go out for walks...I mean "carries." And that doesn't bother you? My own cat (Charlie, on account of his Chaplinesque mustache) would NOT enjoy that. He might enjoy chasing the squirrels though, probably never to be seen or heard from again. =^..^=


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